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Call of Duty Dedicated Server

Online computer games have become very popular in the last two decades and dramatically revolutionized the way people spend their leisure time. Playing community game with people from around the world often lead to server load problems and high latency that can dramatically worsen your playing experience and reduce your chances to win. Call of Duty is a popular online game that lets you participate in World War 2 epic battles through the eyes of unsung heroes from an alliance of countries.

If you want to experience war from multiple perspectives, take on authentic combat missions across the battle fields and just get the great portion of adrenalin, feel free to join Call of Duty multiplayer community. DragonGameServers.com offers you the most stable Call of Duty dedicated server hosting enabling you to get top-notch multiplayer experience while cutting your ping-time and giving you smooth, jitter-free connection. Our Call of Duty servers use the latest GameRail technology to provide your server with a reasonable pings and latency by using the high-speed dedicated private backbone combined with massive local interconnection.

Call of Duty is by nature team-oriented game that has solid foundation with four based multiplayer modes, such as deathmatch, team deathmatch, seek and destroy, and retrieval. Your combat success in this game will rely on a combination of your skills along with your ability to work together with your squad mates to accomplish mission objectives and eliminate enemies.

Our high-performance Call of Duty servers enable you to enjoy this exciting game with its trademark cinematic intensity, epic battlefield moments, authentic war action game and intense multiplayer action while eliminating all the hassles associated with high latency and poor Internet connection.

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