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DragonGameServers is the clan game servers hosting provider that has solid experience in offering high quality hosting solutions to match almost any gaming needs. If you are looking for company that delivers ultimate dedicated clan server hosting by using all the most innovative and advanced technologies in the filed, you've come to the right place. Our company offers the full range of clan game servers that are able to host all resources intensive games with hundreds of simultaneous user connections and enabling them to communicate with each other while playing game at the same time.

When it comes to professional clan server rentals, DragonGameServers is here to meet all your essential game server needs. Dedicated clan server hosting lets you easily carry on voice comments with your buddies while engaged in the game that is a perfect solution for teams on assault and defense to have separate channels and communicate with many team members over the Internet.

Are you looking for clan server rentals to use the Internet as a highway for delivering the clear communication to improve your online gaming experience? DragonGameServers gives you a unique opportunity to choose reliable clan servers with only the latest software solutions preinstalled. You should be aware of the fact that technical infrastructure supporting online games differs from traditional gaming in several aspects, including the critical role of Network bandwidth speed, latency and the usage of architectures supporting distributed applications and high-performance parallel processing.

If you are interested in finding the award-winning dedicated clan server hosting package, DragonGameServers is able to service the generation that has grown with joysticks and gamepads. Along with increasing quality of massively multiplayer games that have become possible with the growth of broadband Internet access, there is an increased demand for high-quality clan game servers full of innovative and useful tools. Our clan server rentals services are dedicated to deliver all the latest technologies, optimal performance and just everything you may need to spend thrilling and exciting time online.

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