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Condition Zero

If you are a keen computer gamer, you probably know that Condition Zero is one of the most popular and the most captivating online computer games. If you want to have a pleasure of playing really exciting Condition Zero online game with the highest level of performance, Condition Zero server from DragonGameServers is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero server is the newer version of the multiplayer game Counter Strike. Condition Zero game is very popular as it has updated features like character models, textures, maps and other graphical tweaks. With Condition Zero dedicated server you will get the best multiplayer game performance any time of a day or night. If you have insomnia, you will always be able to start your online play with anyone on the other side of the planet and will have such jitter-free connection as if he is playing next to you.

At DragonGameServers you can choose so many game slots as you need - starting from 2 slots and ending with 32 slots! Unlike original Counter Strike game, Condition Zero server also contains a single player mission pack with the player unlocking maps. Condition Zero contains targets and missions, such as, "Kill 3 enemies with a glock" or "Win a round in 45 seconds" that will help you enjoy the most exciting game play process.

If you have decided to rent a Counter Strike: Condition Zero server from DragonGameServers, you will not only get access to one of the most popular online games, but also experience top-notch game performance that you could only dream about.

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