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Day of Defeat: Source Server

If you are not only a keen gamer, but also an admirer of history and old stories, then probably Day of Defeat is one of your favorite online games. DragonGameServers always tries to offer something new and special to our clients. This time we are happy to offer you Day of Defeat: Source Server with powerful, yet easy-to-use control panel.

Day of Defeat: Source, like the Day of Defeat itself, is a multiplayer, team-based gameplay set in the WWII European theatre of operations. Players choose a role and tackle goal-oriented missions based on historical operations. Day of Defeat: Source takes the classic gameplay of the original Day of Defeat, but it also improves the experience with Source, the advanced engine technology Valve created for Half-Life 2.

With this new technology DoD: Source offers state of the art graphics (including support of HDR lighting) in optimized versions of popular maps, plus redesigned sound and new player, weapon and world models. All these innovations can be performed successfully only with powerful Day of Defeat: Source Servers.

With Day of Defeat: Source server you will experience new features like war status report for gameplay statistics; completely updated maps to take full advantage of a Source; engine integrated physics simulation for realistic gravity and friction; greater detail in textures, models, and surfaces for added realism and much more. All this won't be possible to experience without proper Day of Defeat server for rent that is available online at DragonGameServers.

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