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Deathmatch Classic

If you are a keen online gamer, you probably have not once heard about the exciting multiplayer game Deathmatch Classic. Deathmatch Classic or DMC is a very popular multiplayer online computer game that attracts gamers of different ages, social and financial status. If you want your multiplayer Deathmatch game online to be of premium performance, you can't do without powerful Deathmatch team server. DragonGameServers is here to provide you with premium quality Deathmatch dedicated server to improve your gaming performance and experience.

Deathmatch Classic was created by Valve as a tribute to id Software, and is essentially a remake of the multiplayer component of id's Quake. The gameplay is similar to Quake Deathmatch and has the same weapons (although the original axe weapon was replaced by Half-Life's trademark crowbar). Some old maps are also included and 5 maps were converted to DMC. The main reason why Deathmatch Classic is so popular is that Deathmatch game online is a multiplayer mode of the popular first-person shooter that is easy and exciting at the same time.

If you want to be involved in this widely-used gameplay mode real-time strategy and show the best result you are able to perform, Deathmatch team server from DragonGameServers is probably the best solution to meet all your specific needs. The goal of a Deathmatch Classic game is to kill (or "frag", from the military term) as many other players as possible until a certain condition or limit is reached, commonly being a frag limit or time limit.

Deathmatch dedicated server will allow you to play in a comprehensive amount of slots that can be organized into two or more teams, with each team having its own frag count. Moreover at DragonGameServers you can also rent TeamSpeak or Ventrilo communication servers to make your gaming experience even more exciting and productive.

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