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DragonGameServers is the leading provider of highly reliable hosting services tailored to the needs of online gaming community. We're ready to provide multiplayer game systems and technology that is able to exceed all your expectations at the fraction of their market price. We offer the full range of dedicated game servers for rent that are located in top-notch data center with several redundant connections specifically developed to get the best gaming experience. Increasing popularity of online games, involving leagues, clans and dedicated teams with members scattered all around the world, defined the fact that more and more gamers are searching for reliable game server hosting services throughout the Web.

Our game servers for rent deliver you actual performance and allow transmitting vast amount of data as fast as you may need to enjoy online gaming to the fullest. DragonGameServers is the company that specializes on providing dedicated server for game hosting to online gamers all around the world.

Many popular computer games, such as Medal of Honor, Counter Strike, Quake, Doom and more other let gamers play online against or with other players. This is the main reason why serious gamers started to look for dedicated game servers for rent from established web hosting companies in order to play with like-minded people.

Taking into consideration the fact that game servers for rent are not shared with other hosting accounts, you can be rest assured that they will deliver the best performance possible and let you take the most out of server resources. Dedicated server for game hosting is usually customized to specific requirements of gaming community and comes with extra features, such as voice capability allowing gamers to communicate between each other by using a headset with microphone in real time.

We, at DragonGameServers, use the high-end hardware and several Tier 1 Internet service providers to ensure maximum uptime, stability and performance of your game server as well as little to no latency issues during your active gaming. When it comes to dedicated game servers for rent that will present actual performance with latency return in milliseconds for all the team members, we are able to provide you with the most advanced options to meet all your needs.

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