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Playing computer games has become one of the most popular leisure activities that allows dive into the captivating world of adventures and go far beyond the day to day stresses. Digital Paintball is the team-based first person shooter that brings fast and furious game play of paintball to home computers. Quality and stable Digital Paintball server is essential to enjoy to the fullest this game with your friends in virtual setting and avoid all the hassles associated with poor connection and high latency. DragonGameServers offers the full range of gaming servers, including Digital Paintball servers that are specifically designed to make the paintball game as realistic as possible while still being fun to play.

Digital Paintball game server lets you experience this risky sport while overcoming such real game issues as tiredness, bruises, painful hits, etc. After you choose the right configuration of Digital Paintball server, you will be put in the heart of an action with unlimited resources and mission statement of having pure fun. Our Digital Paintball servers are tailored specifically to the needs of those willing to experience fascinating paintball game in a user friendly environment.

By joining Digital Paintball game, you are given the fixed amount of credits you can use to select any configuration of equipment you want. Digital Paintball game server solutions from DragonGameServers will improve the packet loss caused by network congestion and minimize the network delay by providing an optimized, non-congested path to connected game servers.

Like a real-time counterpart, players are split into two teams with paintball guns, and each head out to capture the other team's flag with the ultimate goal to knock out the entire enemy team. Digital Paintball server will let you take the most out of fun and entertainment of multiplayer paintball game.

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