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Such kind of entertainment as Internet gaming has given rise to such phenomenon as creating gaming communities. The vast majority of online games require high-performance servers with stable hardware and innovative software to get really successful gaming experience. If you or your community is thinking about game server rentals, you are at the right place as DragonGameServers specializes in offering quality and reliable game server rental service at the most competitive prices.

Right after the appearance of online multiplayer components, many hosting companies have introduced powerful and reliable game rental server solutions that exceeded gamers' wildest expectations on performance and reliability. Many expert gamers host their own servers, while others choose professional game server rental companies such as DragonGameServers that allows you exclude all the hassles of building a server, and maintaining your own equipment while giving you more control and flexibility.

Our cheap game server rental service offers gamers the level of play, power and reliability not offered by other providers by utilizing the best servers on the market coupled with an excellent technical support. Do you need a game server account, with reliable bandwidth, great hardware, and quality support all combined to get you to the new level of performance? DragonGameServers is here to address all your game server rental needs and requirements.

Game servers always require huge bandwidth volume due to the amount of data that has to be sent between the server and all the clients that are connected to it, so we have taken it into consideration while designing our game server rental packages. Each our servers has dual gigabit connections in top level datacenters with multiple high speed Internet backbone connections to ensure unmatched level of performance along with uptime figures.

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