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Can you imagine running Counter Strike, Quake, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress or any other game on your own server fully customized for particular game type to ensure the most delightful gaming experience? Are you tired of searching for actually fast and reliable private game servers? DragonGameServers offers you high quality private game server hosting services allowing you and your team members own your private server in the reliable data center.

Superior quality hardware, many years of experience, expert knowledge, sophisticated custom control panel and backend system are only some reasons why we are the number one choice for online gaming fans. Private game servers we offer are servers which are completely designed and hosted for gamers and communities around the Globe. Your search for reliable company providing private game server hosting and voice servers may end here as DragonGameServers takes a lot of efforts to deliver comprehensive range of servers to meet all your needs.

With private game servers from DragonGameServers you will be able to use all the latest technologies tailored to take online gaming up to the next level. Our private game server hosting solutions let you discover the innovative GameRail technology that avoids problems with oversaturated network links or overburdened network routing by providing an optimized, non-congested path to connected game servers.

Online game server services from DragonGameServers will give you clear advantage over competitors by connecting your PC to the game server over dedicated gaming-only network that has been improved to cut your ping time and ensure smooth connection.

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