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TeamSpeak has become very popular among computer gamers and other users around the Globe, who need real-time group communication via the Internet. TeamSpeak application uses a voice over IP technology in a client-server layout to allow gamers to communicate in a real time online. Smooth TeamSpeak communication is inevitable if you want to have an overwhelming advantage over your enemies. At DragonGameServers.com you are allowed to rent one of our TeamSpeak servers and enjoy the best-quality communication with your teammates for the most effective game play.

Our users can install TeamSpeak communication software on their home computers, which are organized through one central server located in a well-connected data center. Gaming TeamSpeak server applications are used with a computer headset, however they can also work fine with a simple microphone and speakers. TeamSpeak server rental can be successfully used in such games as Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, America's Army or any other online game, where gamers can use teamwork to accomplish their game objectives.

TeamSpeak server rental allows gamers to speak with one another easily via the Internet. TeamSpeak communication application consists of both client and server software and capable of handling literally thousands of users simultaneously. With game TeamSpeak servers you are not just get convenient team communication opportunity, you can also enjoy crystal clear voice communication with the people around the Globe.

With TeamSpeak communication services you are also allowed to order a new version of TeamSpeak2 server that contains number of security patches including a hot fix. Whether you prefer TeamSpeak2 or recent TeamSpeak server rental, you will get 100% high-quality product and enjoy your smooth and jitter-free connection with DragonGameServers.com.

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