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The 21st century is the century of information and new advanced technologies and, of course, a real earthy heaven for online gamers. Only several years ago who could think that gamers can not only play computer games via the Internet, but also have live communications with their playing team due to the help of TeamSpeak hosting. With DragonGameServers.com you have an excellent opportunity to get high-quality TeamSpeak for gamers that will make your gaming experience really exciting and remembering.

TeamSpeak is a scalable application for online voice communication and consists of both client and server software. Voice servers act as a host for multiple client connections and allow to connect hundreds of users simultaneously. Just imagine how it can improve your game process! It is hard to overestimate TeamSpeak for gamers, as with a headset and microphone you are free for communication and your hands are free for gaming.

Voice servers allow you to react very quickly, plan and then change your team game strategy at any moment you decide. Another very important advantage of TeamSpeak hosting is that it provides clear voice communication and incredible speed of connection - you feel like your teammate is sitting next to you and not probably on the other side of the world.

DragonGameServers.com offers you the latest version of TeamSpeak for gamers with every our web hosting plan. TeamSpeak 2 version we use on our servers contains numerous security patches, including a hotfix which patches a recently discovered exploit that could allow an attacker to read files on the local hard disk where the TeamSpeak server is installed. If you donít want your game team communications being revealed by your game adversaries, TeamSpeak 2 is the best solution for you.

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