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Posted by: studeggle Nov 11 2007, 03:26 AM

When: This is a permanent special.

If you find and report any reproducible error on Dragon Game Servers website we will give you any size Game Server for FREE for one month. Send errors to

Catch: Error must be a genuine reproducible error, and must be verified.
You can NOT say the title of the game is different. We may be referring to a different game or may be altering the name to avoid confusion, or something else.
You can say there is a spelling error. (Except in forum posts, support and emails)

You can NOT say our price should be different.
You can say there is a price error of one too many or few zero's

You can NOT makeup links, or point out pages under construction.
You can NOT state there are errors in coding unless you have a verifiable solution.
You can identify broken links and graphics that won't load.

You can NOT complain about the look.
You can point out graphics that won't load.

Posted by: studeggle Apr 14 2008, 09:52 AM

While I feel these things should be self evident, recent arguments have shown they are not with some.
The error must be a current error, you canít go surfing old caches of our website and say oh there was an error.
Along these lines screenshots should include the full screenshot, if our staff doesnít see the error and you have trimmed down to where the only thing visible in the screenshot is the error, no documentation of where you are surfing for that error. Then it wonít count unless you can provide an untrimmed screenshot.
Also ALL screenshots are date checked, when a screenshot is made the date is embedded in the code, we check this and if we catch you submitting old screen shots we will not accept requests for free servers from you. It will be deemed that you are trying to multi use errors amongst friends, for a one error to many servers situation.
We have given away several free servers and do honor our special. But our special is not there for people to cheat and steal from us. You must follow the rules of the special!

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