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Posted by: gonass May 9 2009, 05:44 PM

About how long does it usually take for a server to be set up after purchase?

Posted by: studeggle May 9 2009, 06:04 PM

Creation of your game server will only happen after you have completed your order and payment confirmation has been received. This means placing an order and saying you will send payment or going to the payment page but not actually completing it will not create a server, and such attempts may result in you being banned from ordering at Dragon Game Servers as we take fraud attempts very seriously.
If you have completed payment please be patient as there are many factors. First as we said we must receive confirmation of your payment. Both Paypal and our merchant (credit cards) vary in there response times to us saying you have completed the payment. Most of the time we know with in seconds, but we have seen it take up to 15 mins for them to send the confirmation, most likely based on how busy they are at the time you made your payment.
Next the game servers are not already made, the files have to be written and configured just like when you install a game at home. Resulting in game server creation taking between 15 mins on the short side to 3hrs on the long side.
Your completed order will be placed in an automated que for creation. Then when your order reaches the front of the line for the location you requested the files will be written to one of our machines in that location and an email sent to you with your servers location and ftp information. Some games are small and only require a couple minuets to be written to the hard drive once it is there turn others are larger and take longer. But iether way your server is being created and you will recieve your information and be able to see your server in the control panel once creation is completed.

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Posted by: gonass Mar 3 2010, 06:06 PM

i can say that in my experience with in 10 minutes of me putting in my credit card number the server was up and running.

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