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Posted by: Jeff Jun 18 2008, 08:36 AM

I must at first this host look really promising - and I am sure they will remove this even though it is 100% true once the mods see it - but I also posted the following at several gaming sites I am a part of.,9.0.html

All of the above sites get thousands of hits per day so even if it is removed from here it will still be plenty out there.


I am still currently looking for a PVKII server and I had stumbled across this server host, , on google.

First off it should have been a sign when they set up my server and never told me when it was online... I had to stumble around on their webpage - which is poorly designed and uses 3 different logins for their forums, billing/server control, and support tickets - to find out that it had indeed been online and I could have began configing it sooner.

I took the time to upload ES2.0, ESTools .420, and the 3 scripts I wanted (my D&DS I am working on, xA, and errorlogger) then when I clicked start nothing happened... I soon got an email saying that my server had been stopped due to multipul crashes. I figured hey it must be one of my scripts... so I removed all es_load commands form my autoexec.cfg...

Nope it is still dumping...

So I get a email from one of their admins telling my it is ESTools dumping the box - ok fine. I see the box is running windows... so I offer up this link - - their tech says he already did this and it was my fault for uploading bad ESTools files... which is funny because I uploaded the same files that run fine on my home server...

Here are the last emails I sent him and then I got back:

QUOTE ("Jeff")
Alrighty then so basically Eventscripts/ESTools will not work on your server boxes? sad.gif

If this is the case is there any sort of refund policy for non-used servers?



QUOTE ("DGS Admin Dave")
Eventscripts/ESTools do work on our machines we have many happy customers utilizing these addons, but since that is what you wish we have refunded the unused portion of your bill.

Too be fair I now see that the crash fix for ESTools does not work with .419+ but their unwillingness to work to get something working that already runs on thousands of servers is rather discouraging.

All in all the only good thing about these guys I have found is that they did refund my money (prorated of course even though I never got to actually play on the box) with out any hassle.

In short if you are running ESTools .419+ don't rent these guys. (Personally even if I was not at this point I would not rent them on principle.)


Posted by: studeggle Jun 18 2008, 09:03 AM

We do not sencor posts, this post will remain.

Email notification was sent the moment the server was setup, we can not control what your filters (or your email providers filters) do with our email. Yahoo has problems dropping our email in the spam box, and or holding it for several days before releasing it to the client. We have spent countless hrs trying to get genuin help to resolve this, but have only been met with scripted responces that it is impossible to tell if they are human or machine, but do not address our issue.

We did several rounds with you, where we went in and got the server running again without removing your addons just updating the files. Then shortly after it would be non-running again and the file date stamp would be changed. We do not take responsibility for third party plugins. But do, and did, offer assistance to you in getting them to run.

You requested your money back, if we had responded that those plugins do work and there are no refunds. Then you would have been here posting and or harrasing us by email and possibly phone that we were crooks and just out to steal your money. We are an honest and hard working GSP and felt since we were going in circles with your sever and you had asked about refund and the server was still new, we politly bowed out and let you have your money back to go shop elsewhere. The result of which is our company got nothing for the repeated times we went in to work on your server.

So yes we are guilty of offering you a refund, even though it is not supported in our (or just about any GSP) Terms of Service. And of only wanting to conduct a fix on the same extra software a couple times in one day.

Posted by: Jeff Jun 18 2008, 09:51 AM

I never 'harassed' anyone via email and I never made any phone calls.

And in fact I only requested a refund if ESTools (which currently is running on over would not work.

Look at my closing paragraph I am not openly flaming your company I am just stating that if you are looking to run ESTools .419+ (which apparently dumps your boxes) then you should not rent from DGS.


Posted by: studeggle Jun 18 2008, 10:29 AM

I never said you harassed us. I said if we had refused to refund you it probably would have resulted in harassment. With regards to that addon, as stated in the email yes it runs and we have many clients running it. Add to that we have, and will, place up a test server with requested addons to see if they will work. But once the client starts altering the working files we are not responsible for the crash.

Posted by: Jeff Jun 18 2008, 10:45 AM

With out altering the .vdf file for ESTools/Eventscripts to reflect that it is running in the /pvkii directory instead of the default cstrike (meaning for PVK and not CSS) it will not load... thus if it was not loading of course it will not cause a crash.


Posted by: studeggle Jun 18 2008, 01:42 PM

We should not have to do this, but given the fact that ES_Tools is a very popular addon and we are fully capable of running it. I am placing up and will leave up for a while a PVKII server with the latest ES_Tools and mattie running. RCON is demoserver Server:
Also as stated early anyone is welcome to request test servers with specific addons.
If you insist on running the files you ran at home you may well have trouble. We are a professional provider, running on professional hardware, with professional OS loaded. So configuring the same way as you configured a fun server you ran from home may well not work. That is why we are here, that is why we offer assistance.
Our experience with ES_Tools and Windows Server is the DLL tend to be picky about upload, and a lot of the time the client uploads them the server crashes. As such we have grabbed a zipped copy of it straight from the source and will apply it directly on the machine so the files donít get corrupted. But if the client insist on overwriting the files because they had one running at home then there is nothing we can do about it.

Posted by: Jeff Jun 18 2008, 03:43 PM

Lets ignore the fact that with using the default files ESTools will not load on a PVKII server.

QUOTE ("studeggle")
Our experience with ES_Tools and Windows Server is the DLL tend to be picky about upload, and a lot of the time the client uploads them the server crashes.

QUOTE ("Jeff91")
their tech says he already did this and it was my fault for uploading bad ESTools files...

The only file I over wrote was the .vdf file that must be edited from cstrike dir to reflect that we are running it in the pvkii dir to work with PVKII... with out doing so ESTools will not even load so if it does not load then of course it will not crash!

And then on a side note I have worked with "professional hardware" and the config for the mods you put on these boxes (excluding those that affect tic rate and things like that ect.) is the same as on my "home fun server".


Posted by: studeggle Jun 18 2008, 04:05 PM

Looks like it is loading just fine..

And there in is the problem and the reason we refunded rather then continueing to push the subject. You felt you knew better then us and refused our help as they were not what you thought should be done.

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