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DGS's Terms and Conditions of Service

General Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you agree to provide accurate, and current information about yourself on all forms, and to maintain this information ensuring it remains accurate. If any information provided by you is untrue, Dragon Game Servers has the right to terminate your service. Dragon Game Servers also reserves the right to cancel any customerís service at any given time if we have any suspicion of them not abiding to our terms of service agreement.


Customers agree to the fact that Dragon Game Servers may change its rates, and packages from time to time on its web site. Any customer who has signed up at a certain monthly pricing rate and package specifications will be eligible to retain that package and pricing for a time period of at least six months from signup. Of course, customers may upgrade or downgrade to a new package offer at any time, if desired. Packages may increase or decrease in price at anytime depending on the market.

Payments & Cancellations

Full payment is due before order will be processed. Invoice payment is expected on or before due date. Requests to cancel service will only be accepted through your account on Dragon Game Servers web site or by email at least 7 days prior to renewal, Phone requests for termination will not be accepted. If service has not been cancelled 7 days prior to renewal, and payment continues due to the automatic billing system, no refunds will be made.

Server Uptime

Customers are responsible for their servers uptime. If a customerís server is down they should reboot the server through the Control Panel provided by Dragon Game Servers, or contact our support staff. Although Dragon Game Servers staff does monitor servers, we cannot monitor each and every server all the time. On most occasions our Control Panel Software will reboot your game server if there is a crash but sometimes this is not the case, and a manual reboot must be preformed. If the your server will not reboot please contact our support staff.


Customers of Dragon Game Servers are eligible for a 90% refund if Dragon Game Servers does not maintain 98.5% hardware and or network uptime based on a 30 day period. If the customer has an actual service related issue that was not the result of his/her action and that Dragon Game Servers was not able to resolve, the customer will be refunded. Dragon Game Servers does not give refunds on unused portions of service contracts.


Any customer terminated for non-payment and then re-activated will be subject to a $15.00 US charge.

Bounced Checks

Any bounced checks for services rendered will be subject to an additional $35.00 US fee.

Credit Card Use

Dragon Game Servers does not accept credit card payment from minors, you must be at least 18 years of age to submit a payment on Dragongameservers.com by credit card. Also, if the name, address, and phone on the credit card do not match the name, address, and phone on the customer account with Dragon Game Servers the owner of the card must email us a scanned copy of a signed approval letter allowing us to charge the card. An approval letter may also be mailed to companies address, if scanning is not an option.

Services Inspections

Dragon Game Servers reserves the right to inspect the customerís services at any time to ensure they are in accordance with our terms of service agreement.

Server Space

Dragon Game Servers reserves the right to require any server more then ten times its default size be cleaned up to allow all clients the opportunity to have custom maps and mods installed.

System Maintenance

Dedicated server customers are expected to keep their systems updated with security patches as they become available. Assistance with this is available by submitting a support ticket. System maintenance for shared Game Server, Web Servers, and Voice Server customers is done by Dragon Game Servers staff.

Server Modifications

All modifications to the default game server provided, are installed at the clients own risk. Server crashes or down time caused by the server modifications is not the fault of Dragon Game Servers. Dragon Game Servers will not provide any refunds for downtime resulting from installed modifications.

Server Bots

Dragon Game Servers does not allow installation of third party bots on our game servers without prior written authorization. This does not include Dedicated server customers.

Forced Add-on uninstalls

Dragon Game Servers reserves the right to uninstall or remove any file, server patch or modification that causes, or may cause, degradation in system performance, increased vulnerability of the Dragon Game Server's servers, or affects the overall quality of service for other customers. Please check with Dragon Game Servers staff before hand if you have any questions.


Any customer attempting to hack/crack Dragon Game Servers equipment/servers or use our services to hack/crack others will have their service terminated without a refund, and will be subject to legal actions. Hacking will be determined as attempting to access any system/subsystem/service you are not given express consent by Dragon Game Servers to access.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated machines offered by Dragon Game Servers are "unmanaged". They include a licensed copy of the operating system and a method of remote access to the machine. Any and all additional software and licensing must be provided by the customer.


We do not allow the use of any IRC, or IRC related product to be operated on our network. Anyone who is found running IRC, or an IRC related product on our network could be terminated.


We do not allow the sending of spam or mass marketing emails on our network. Anyone who is found attempting to mass email on our network could be terminated.

Network Uptime

Our providers offer us a 99% uptime and we pass the same quality to you. So based on a 30 day month, no more than 13.5 hours of network downtime.

Machine Uptime

Dragon Game Servers reserves the right to have machines down for scheduled maintenance 10 hours a month. We also reserve 5 hours emergency downtime for hardware failure on machines.

Customer Related Downtime

Dragon Game Servers offers no guarantee of uptime where the configuration of the game server itself is the cause of the downtime. We will work diligently to get it running again if such downtime occurs. While we do monitor game servers for uptime, it is the customer's responsibility to report any down server issues to us where the cause is misconfiguration.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply with our Terms of Service will result in termination of the customerís Service(s) without refund.

Dragon Game Servers reserves the right to change this document at any time.