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GameRail No Longer Exists this is an Archived Article

How it is annoying and frustrating when you know that you play much better than your opposing game team and it is even more pity and irritating when you fail because of the poor internet connection. And it is all the Internet route to blame! But from now onwards you could prove that you are the best player than your opposing team with GameRail game hosting technology from DragonGameServers.com!

GameRail is a high performance connection network for serious and resources intensive games. GameRail provides you with the connection from your PC to the game server over a dedicated only gaming network that has been worked out to cut your ping times and give you a smooth and jitter-free connection so that it is possible to cut out the unnecessary hops between you and your game server. GameRail technology offers you the unprecedented solution to overcome the poor internet connection problems so that GameRail gateways users now have the best possible routes to their game server on a network specially designed for speed enhancing of game traffic.

With GameRail service you will “bypass" usual internet connection route due to GameRail private network, increasing in such a way the speed of your connection and overall game quality. GameRail gateways typically reduce latency between 20-50% with reductions of 80% or even more. GameRail service is presented in eight cities: Seattle, Palo Alto/San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Saint Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York and they're not going to stop on the achieved results and plan to expand their gateways nationwide throughout the US.

Try innovative GameRail technology integrated in our game servers and you will never get back to ordinary game servers!

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