Review purpose of each config file

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Created On: 30 Dec 2008 01:10 AM

Answer Armagetron Advanced has three configuration files you will need to be concerned with and will see under the default config files in your control panal, they are as follows. Aiplayers.cfg, Autoexec.cfg, Server_info.cfg, and Settings_custom.cfg.
You will also see (but not have access to) lock.cfg This file is not for you, it is what makes each server stay online with the proper IP, Port, sleep settings ect. Please do not try to mess with it as this could result in your server going offline and will leave our staff with the question of whether it was an honest mistake or you trying to hack the service, don’t make us have to decide whether or not to terminate you, thanks.
Ok, here is an explanation of what each file is for…

This configuration file is for controlling the bots in your server. We hope to have more details soon but as this is a new game you’ll have to ask for assistance if needed on this config.

This configuration file control most of your general network settings and stuff, much of the time you probably will not need to mess with this. But as it is part of operation of the server that can be adjusted we make it available to you.

This is probably your main configuration file for editing, when you grab copies of pre-configured game type configs like summon you will want to wipe out what is in this file and paste the config into it.

This is the last configuration file that will be executed by the server when it starts up, we present it to you blank to start with. Our personal recommendation is to use it for things you only want on a temporary basis, like for testing or a single wild game. This could include things like messing with acceleration, braking, gravity or whatever. By placing the setting in this file it will override the same setting in Server_info.cfg without you having to worry about recording what the setting in server_info.cfg was as you haven’t changed it in that file, so when the setting no longer exists in this file your server will return to the value in server_info.cfg.